Why do you need a Real Estate Agent ?

Why do you need a Real Estate Agent ?

Selling your property without an agent : What does it mean ?

When you decide to sell your property without involving an agent, it entails certain responsibilities and additional tasks.

First and foremost, you must be prepared to dedicate time and energy to respond to calls and emails from potential buyers. You will be directly in contact with interested individuals, and you need to be responsive and available to answer their questions and arrange property viewings.

Next, you will have to determine the selling price realistically. It is crucial not to overestimate the value of your property as it could deter potential buyers. An accurate and objective evaluation is therefore necessary.

Moreover, you will be responsible for organizing property viewings. You must make yourself available to accompany visitors and showcase your property. This availability can be demanding as viewings may occur at different times of the day, including weekends. It can also be challenging to handle criticism from buyers regarding your property.

Another significant consideration is the promotion of your property. Unlike real estate agencies that have professional websites and tailored marketing plans, you will have to find alternative means to disseminate information about your property. This may involve sharing listings on social media, putting up "For Sale" signs, or leveraging your personal network to find potential buyers.

By selling without an agency, you will also have to manage visitors, whether they are targeted or not. While an agency conducts pre-screening of potential buyers, you will encounter a greater diversity of visitors, requiring more time and effort to filter serious prospects.

Additionally, you will not benefit from a detailed report of each property viewing. This means that you will need to keep track of impressions and feedback from visitors yourself, which can be an additional challenge.

As a seller without an agency, you will need to gather all relevant documents related to your property. Potential buyers will have questions regarding these documents, so it is essential to have them readily available to provide precise answers.

Furthermore, you should be prepared to explain the mandatory property diagnostics, such as electrical or termite inspections, if applicable. Buyers will want to ensure that the property meets the current legal standards.

Negotiation is a crucial aspect of selling without an agency. You will need to negotiate without letting emotions interfere to reach a satisfactory agreement for both parties. This may require some expertise in real estate negotiation.

Finally, you will need to accompany your buyer from the offer stage to the signing at the notary's office. This means being available to address the buyer's questions, provide necessary information, and facilitate the sales process until its official conclusion.

While you may be competent to handle most of these tasks on your own, except for specific aspects that require professional skills (financial analysis, use of dedicated real estate platforms, etc.), it is worth considering why you would forgo a comprehensive service provided by a real estate professional. By engaging an agency, you can benefit from their expertise, their network of potential buyers, their promotional tools, and ultimately sell your property at the best price and within the shortest timeframe.

If you are convinced of the advantages of such an approach, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We will be delighted to take care of all aspects of the sale for you.

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