Culinary Exploration in Grand Case: Discover the Unique Flavors of the Island

Culinary Exploration in Grand Case: Discover the Unique Flavors of the Island

Discover the culinary authenticity of Saint-Martin in Grand Case, the welcoming heart of the island.

Nestled in the northwest of the island, this historic fishing village, bordered by the sea and the largest salt pond in Saint-Martin, maintains its authentic charm, with its preserved architecture. Just twenty minutes from Marigot, let yourself be seduced by the exoticism and culinary excellence of this destination.

Lined with picturesque restaurants along the beach, this Caribbean enclave offers an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

The famous "Lolos" attract gourmets with their Creole dishes prepared on improvised grills, wafting enticing aromas of grilled meats as soon as you arrive.

The culinary diversity of Grand Case will delight every palate, with classics like chicken and ribs accompanied by a variety of side dishes.

Each bite is a festival of flavors, from the smoky and umami of grilled meats to the subtle marriage of potato salad and Johnny cake.

Enjoy this culinary experience while admiring the view of Creole Rock and Anguilla, immersed in the enchanting atmosphere of Grand Case, where turquoise waters and barbecue scents captivate visitors, whether new or loyal.

Grand Case, the true culinary gem of Saint-Martin, leaves an indelible impression on you, inviting you to return again and again to explore its gastronomic delights.

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